Excellent Questions

Containing 1000’s of questions based on current curriculums and past exam papers the DoctorExams online resources are closely aligned to what you can expect to be face with in exams. Written by our skilled teams of clinicians and clinical academics these questions have been carefully crafted to test your knowledge with detailed answers and explanations to consolidate your learning.

Image/Video Based

It is a fact that people learn better through images. Hundreds of our questions are image based to facilitate your learning with additional videos of clinical skills and procedures available to help you understand them better.

Tailored Feedback

To keep track of your performance we provide tailored feedback so that you can monitor your progress and learn from your mistakes, this ensures that those trouble areas will not be a problem in the future by allowing you to target your revision where you need it most.

Online Support

If you have a problem at any point, our online team is ready to answer your questions and ensure that your revision proceeds as quickly as possible to ensure you can really benefit from our resources.

Peer Comparison

This allows you to see how your peers match up and whether the standard you are achieving is ahead of the class average.

Flexible Revision

Our revision resources are available anytime, anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.