About Us

DoctorExams consists of 1000s of medical questions with detailed explanations in multiple choice, extended matching, single best answer and short answer question formats. Questions are written by the Doctors Academy group of experienced clinicians and clinical academics, with mock exams and feedback on performance included to aid a candidates focused revision of topics.

Based on past exams these questions have been carefully crafted to suit the requirements of undergraduate medical and dental students, doctors taking international medical entrance and licensing exams, and postgraduate trainees undertaking relevant speciality exams. Users can expect numerous images of clinical presentations with videos of many clinical examinations and skills.

Other useful resources include applied surgical anatomy, focused clinical history and examinations, and a concise exam revision guide. With additional questions based on radiology, osteology, and data interpretation available with our online resources.

DoctorExams is a subsidiary of the Doctors Academy Group, an International Consortium of Medical and Dental Practitioners that undertakes a diverse range of educational activities and clinical skills training programmes for healthcare professionals from all parts of the globe.

The aim of the academy is to disseminate information and exchange medical knowledge between professionals with diverse backgrounds that work in varied healthcare settings. From healthcare institutions to community centres, resource-rich to resource-poor nations, it is hoped that by helping to bridge gaps in medical knowledge and technical skills we can help bring about improvements to global health.