DoctorExams consists of 1000s of medical questions withdetailed explanations in MCQ, EMQ, SBA and SAQ formats. Questions are written by the Doctors Academy group of experienced clinicians and clinical academics, with mockexams and feedback on performance included to aid acandidates focused revision of topics. Based on past examsthese questions have been carefully crafted to suit therequirements of undergraduate medical and dental students,doctors taking international medical entrance and licensingexams, and postgraduate trainees undertaking relevantspeciality exams. Users can expect numerous images ofclinical presentations with videos of many clinicalexaminations and skills. Additional questions based onradiology, osteology, and data interpretation are alsoavailable with our online resources.

Relevant Questions

Containing 1000s of questions based on current curriculums and past exam papers, the DoctorExams online resource is closely aligned with what you can expect to encounter in the exam.

Image/Video-Based Questions

Many of our questions are image-based and video-based to facilitate your learning. These images and video clips are intended to enhance your understanding of pertinent clinical skills and procedures.

Peer Comparison

This feature of DoctorExams allows you to compare your knowledge with that of your peers who are appearing for the same exam.

Flexible Revision

You can access our revision resources anytime, anywhere, provided that you have internet connection.

Online Support

If you encounter any difficulties in accessing our resources or you wish to clarify anything, our team is available to assist you. Kindly email us at and a member of our team will respond to you within 24 hours.